Our services range from script to screen. Do you need help crafting your message? Professional voiceovers? Done! We use high end SONY video cameras and wireless audio equipment. We also use CANON DSLRs. Our preferred editing system is Apple's FINAL CUT PRO. We travel light for most of our production and prefer to keep it simple. We have access to a group of area production professionals we assemble to accomplish most any task. And if we can't do it we'll refer you to someone who can.


Video Business Cards

Video Business Card 1

Video Business Cards are perfect for all types of businesses, including professional services, medical and dental offices, all types of retail, cleaning and maintenance services, at home businesses, and YOURS! Get a Video Business Card, tell your story, show business, and let people see how great it will be to do business with you!


Your Video Business Card can be used to support your marketing and sales efforts in so many ways:

  • Websites
  • Social media/networking sites
  • Links in email
  • Tradeshows/events
  • Sales calls and more!

Our professionally produced Video Business Cards include:

  • Virtual tour of the business
  • Meet the owner segment
  • Information about the product or service
  • Logo, website address & physical address
  • Royalty-free musical background at no extra charge!